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Hey its my first post ,i'd like to ask your opionion on VU games by MistrzuNO on Thu Apr 04, 2024 8:48 pm
Anyone who have thier opinion on this subject i'd like to hear about it. I want to know if im just weird playing such games to run away from real life :kat_emoji18:
or people have some other intrest in playing such games :kat_emoji9:
Feel free to share it here i think it'll be kind of intresting subject :kat_emoji17:

Also be free to say your opinion about Virtual Reality being good or bad thing for people.

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My current commitments for Month of January by MayhemRed5150 on Mon Jan 08, 2024 6:02 am
Ok, so now that my voice is back to about 80% and I can mic up properly, Here is my Schedule thus far for the month of January. Thursday 1/11/23 at 8PM Eastern time, I will be DJing the re-opening of the Kitten Club which is a strut club on IMVU, Friday 1/12/24 @ 8PM Eastern time, I have a Birthday Party Gig, Monday 1/22/24 at 8PM Eastern I will be playing for Monday Madness, Thereafter, I have a standing commitment on Friday's at 8PM eastern for the LRHT MC. I invite anyone to attend or listen in at on any given day. Also any T.I.M. family member can hit me up for my services for any event and I will try my best to accommodate with proper prior notice of course. **Disclaimer** be advised I have no filter and 90% of the time I improvise my shows... Also I encourage requests, I live for it. My motto has always been " You say the shit, I'll play the shit" That Simple ...

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Buckling Down by MayhemRed5150 on Wed Jan 03, 2024 5:13 am
:tlashockcomputer: Ok so I've been sick as Fudge for the past few days but come thursday I will be starting on the Caligula/Plato/ Great Colosseum T.I.M room, We are talking Straight Sodom and Gomorrah type shit. You know, a "don't drop your keys" kind of vibe, fun for all :) Bwahaha xD

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Role playing by Sinful69 on Sun Dec 31, 2023 11:41 am
:moneymouth: I’m looking to add people to my roleplaying. If your interested please reach out to me.

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GTA Remix - IMVU Mafias GTA (Grand Trigger Aristocracy) by Don Von Alpha Dom on Sun Nov 19, 2023 3:25 am
Intended Beat:

Let me introduce myself
I'm MC D Bigger
Mister fast Trigger
I'll serve you up
Hard liquor sippers
Triple shot killers
Drank so potent
Purple lean bread her
My babies born rappin
Bitch smackin
Like a drive by burpin
dirty diaper shitin
Babysitters as my side chicks
And when it comes time to pay em
I give em the trigger dicks
Womb penetrating venom slick
King kong mega schlong ride em up
Fuck em up! Fuck em up! Knock a slut
Got that empathy Edge
Feel for her
cause she takes that Don Von dick
I sold to her man
he don't understand
How to use it
till I hold his hand
He might be your daddy
but I'm his sir master daddy
You can call me grandpappy
Godfather of daughters scream'n OH FUCK from my lappy
Fuck it
Suck it
Thumb in her butt
Nut it
wear her out
D-N-D A-F-K nappy
it's like my spirt's in every bedroom
Cause I made that sex room
I made that sex pose

[ Continued ]

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